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still waiting
09 September 2009 @ 11:17 pm
19 Merlin icons (okay fine, some are just variations of others, whatever.)

but you're still standingCollapse )

still waiting
30 August 2009 @ 03:56 pm

in which i make fun of bb d, as usual. XD
oh, also, NEW FANDOM OMG.

18 David Archuleta
18 David Cook
24 Merlin (from S2 promos)


God I love these boys *___*Collapse )

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still waiting
07 February 2009 @ 11:59 pm
Ahaha, very random batch. Ranging from iCarly to the beanbag pics. It took me forever to make this because I kept being blinded by the pretty. XD

this icon post was inspired by gangsta-mormon!archie.Collapse )
still waiting
18 November 2008 @ 10:19 pm
After the bad start this morning, things turned around after my last class.

1. My laptop is back and (hopefully) in perfect health.

2. I finally got Cook's album! (Haha because yesterday I decided not to go to Makati anymore since I was gonna be late to work again)



And by us I mean camote_queen  (my BFF), leechunsa  and miss_charmed .

And, um, the quality sucks, I know, and I think Angel has a better one but I still need to cut off the bit where Kim rambled about Cookleta ahaha, so you'll have to settle for this one in which you can barely even make out the dance. XD

Because we are losers and didn't have VIP tickets, we just settled on screaming like the crazy fangirls that we are. And. Um. We made a sign that says 'SEXY DANCE,' LMAO. We screamed at him to look at us while he was performing, but I dunno if he saw us. We probably just annoyed the people around us, bahahahaha. Whatevs. The audience sucked anyway. Where's the fangirl/boy love, people? I bet MJ loved us four screaming unabashedly for him. XD

And then while they were doing the meet and greet, the four of us stood at the barricade thing and took pictures of MJ hugging other people (JEALOUS OMG) while trying to make him notice our sign, LOL. And he did right after he hugged someone, and he did the dance, except OMFG we were too stunned to capture it! So our mission became to make him do the sexy dance again, and this time of course we had to catch it on film. So we waited for our chance, except he finished the meet-and-greet line and we had yet to make him to the dance again! But before he was whisked away he waved at all the poor souls like us who didn't get to hug him, and he did this little hugging action (which you will see in the video), and then we called him and pointed to our sign and YAY HE DID THE SEXY DANCE AGAIN FOR US! And I'm pretty sure only a few of the people there caught the joke, because most of them are probably just casual fans, or people with connections to the organizers.

As for his performances, um, I was in too much fangirly glee to actually remember all the titles, so. Ahaha. I shall have to check with my videos. Unfortunately I don't have all on video because I forgot to lower the video quality on my camera at first so I ran out of space after two songs. I had to delete one to make room for the next songs, boo. Hopefully miss_charmed  has them? :D

still waiting
16 October 2008 @ 12:59 am
It was supposed to be a funnyface!Archie batch, but, um, it turned into a random Archie batch. Ahahaha. Also, this was kind of... a few weeks in the making, so some pics are kinda old.

in a sea of people, there is only youCollapse )

still waiting
07 October 2008 @ 12:07 am
Okay, I just spent all night making these, as if I didn't have 4 exams to study for, 2 papers to write, and a computer program to create. But ahahaha, David at Miley's partay is just too cute to resist. XD

David kissed a girl and liked it.Collapse )
still waiting
21 September 2008 @ 07:28 pm
3 Cookleta
7 David Cook
50 David Archuleta (most of which are just random shots from the afternoon meet and greets. Because, um, he's adorable? And I'm clearly obsessed. XD But how can you not be, with that gorgeous smile?)

I traveled 1024 miles to see David Archuleta.Collapse )
still waiting
08 September 2008 @ 09:52 am
Ok fine, I feel bad and all that it was leaked Now that I know that Jeff's fine with the leak (Someone who had afterparty passes at the Providence show said he's actually excited), which means David probably is too, I can now flail guilt-free LOL. OMG IT'S EFFING AMAZING. Not like I'm not gonna flail when it actually premieres officially anyway (I still flail every time Crush plays on the radio, LOL). So yeah.

And because I am obsessed, I dissected the video and made commentary! WARNING: This is really long. Like, REALLY REALLY long.

MASSIVE FLAIL IN HERE. (Also, a ton of screencaps to go with my flaily commentary)Collapse )
still waiting
07 September 2008 @ 10:05 pm
OH YEAH! \o/

I was there, and IT WAS AWESOME.

Never mind that I never once sat down from when I lined up for tickets at 7am, until I got on the MRT at 6. My calves and my ankles hurt like hell right now, but it was worth it, because OMG WE WON!

And... ok, the point of this post is actually to show off how amazing David is. Because when we got in the coliseum at around 12 noon, there were absolutely no more free seats in my section (Upper B), so we had to stand the whole time, and we were practically almost in the General Admission section. But David is so awesome I still have great pictures even though I was pretty much in the top part already OMG.

Cut so as not to bore those who aren't interested in Philippine college cheerdancing competitions XDCollapse )

PS. LOL I love the Ateneo and all (really, I do!), but omg this is hilarious:

Um, a SCREAM sign, SRSLY??? They also have an ON YOUR FEET sign. Ok, this is obviously the first time I've been to one of these things, but. Hahahaha. That really is freaking funny. XD

ETA: LOL @ us (meaning UP people) cheering "GO USTE!" when they were announced as first runner up. XDDD That was kinda mean, but personally I actually was cheering for them because they're my next favorite team (after UP of course).